Slough Crematorium

As main contractors for this project undertaken on behalf of Slough Borough Council, we had overall responsibility for the near £3million electrical and mechanical refurbishment of the Crematorium.

As Councillor Paul Sohal put it “the chapel had served Slough well over the years but was in desperate need of refurbishment and modernisation”.

The major task was the replacement of the cremators and furnaces in order to make them more environmentally friendly. This commitment to sustainability also involved changes to the building layout in order to accommodate our installation of new mercury and dioxin abatement equipment.

Our work in the chapel included the creation of a new mezzanine floor giving it greater capacity and, refurbishment of shelters where mourners could congregate after cremations.

The execution of this work required great sensitivity and advance planning as we were conscious that people using the chapel were doing so in the saddest circumstances. In addition to ensuring that the facility was fit for the 21st. century, our client’s aim was to provide the best possible experience through improvements to operational and logistical arrangements meaning a smoother and more comfortable transition between ceremonies.