CF Roberts and the Environment

CF Roberts are responsible corporate citizens


We minimise the impact of our own activities on the environment, comply with legislation as a base standard and work proactively with our customers and partners to deliver sustainable, contemporary, efficient and cost effective products and services.
ISO 14001 certified, our environmental responsibilities are at the heart of our business and day to day behaviour both onsite and at our Cheltenham Headquarters. Our practices are vetted, measured and audited accordingly.
Our eco-drive vehicles are all ‘tracked’ and rev and speed controlled and we have already achieved a 16% reduction in mileage and fuel usage. We have a number of electric hybrid vehicles within the fleet and subject to efficiency benchmarking, intend to increase this number.
Deliveries to sites are planned and minimised through secure on-site storage facilities. All waste streams are managed in line with waste hierarchy guidance, using specialised licensed contractors where required. Wherever possible products are delivered unboxed, limiting packaging and if not, boxes are re-used.
We embrace BREEAM standards of excellence, widely recognised as the world’s foremost environmental assessment and rating system. They set the standard in sustainable building design, construction and operation. We have our own in-house BREEAM assessors who are able to propose and install systems for our clients.

At CF Roberts we believe we also have responsibility to remain contemporary in our environmental practices and services and to share this knowledge with customers and partners.
Current examples are our work on Renewable Heat Incentives (RHI’s) the world’s first long term financial support programme for renewable heat, Business Information

Among the environmentally beneficial services we offer are:
Combined Heat and Power Installations
Ground Source Heat Pumps
Air Source Heat Pumps
Energy Recovery Systems
Greywater Systems
Photovoltaic Installations
Solar Thermal Installations
Biomass Heating Systems
Rainwater Harvesting

Good for us and good for all of us