Cheltenham College

Founded in 1841, Cheltenham College is one of the foremost co-educational schools in the country.

The College buildings are a magnificent focal point for both residents and visitors so to be commissioned to work
at the College is both an honour and a responsibility.

Our four month project in the older buildings was concentrated in the library, theatre, green rooms and dance studio.
Among the tasks were installation of new mains distribution equipment and associated cabling, new lighting to include bespoke pendants in the library and the completion of new fire alarm systems. Much of this work was carried out during
term time which presented some interesting challenges.

As the College expands there is a requirement for further development. We have played our part in the construction of a brand new ladies accommodation block, installing energy efficient lighting controls, satellite, fire alarm and data network systems. In a building of this nature of course security is of paramount importance and we also installed, door access,
intruder alarm, CCTV and audio visual systems and equipment.