Design & Build

We have extensive knowledge of Design and Build, a procurement strategy that is popular with our clients. We readily take responsibility for such projects and have the skills, experience and resources to interpret and deliver the client brief in the most efficient, cost effective manner.

As a strategy Design and Build has many advantages:

  • There is a single source of accountability and the majority of responsibility for the completeness, accuracy and integration of the design and construction process lies with the contractor. We also find that the Design-Build method fosters teamwork, lends itself to co-operation and sets the stage for a successful construction project, with all parties ‘buying in’ to the design.
  • More effective budget control and management. An eye on budget right from the design phase helps to control spend. Understanding and sharing the cost implications of design decisions ensures that the client plays a key and fully informed role in agreeing, defining and controlling costs. The client is also likely to incur considerably reduced management, administration and consultancy costs.
  • Better communication. Design and Build is intended to be a highly collaborative, fully integrated process built on trust and creative problem solving. The focus stays on value and the benefits of working with a design professional and construction expert at the same time, mean that potential problems and their implications are identified at a very early, pre-construction, stage.
  • Faster Completion. In our experience Design-Build projects are usually completed more speedily than traditional construction projects. Bid time is reduced, scheduling for the project can begin earlier, often before the design phase is fully completed, potential problems are uncovered at an early stage and enhanced communication keeps everything moving along more smoothly and efficiently.
  • Enhanced Quality Control. The Design-Build strategy helps to reduce any ambiguity in material and construction specifications and makes for superior ‘buildability’. The reduced and simplified chain of communication helps to keep the focus on protecting the clients’ interests and maintaining quality standards.

Design and Build is one stop shopping, ‘turnkey’ construction at its best and most effective.

It unleashes the power of the team to deliver projects faster, better and at optimum cost.

Just as importantly, in our experience our clients find that Design-Build ‘done right’ means their engagement with the entire team is more meaningful and consequently more productive than other delivery methods.